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Ifran Xion

Programmer & Cyber Security Specialist

Email: ifran.xion@gmail.com
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Originally from Bangladesh, Ifran is an experienced Freelancer, specializing in dynamic web design to optimize the user experience on commercial websites.

Ifran is largely self-taught and has been coding since he was in high school. His real-world expertise includes building static, dynamic, and content management-based websites, especially in WordPress. Furthermore, he has experience in hands-on multiple programming languages and network operations because of his College curriculum.

Ifran has recently graduated from Monroe College with a bachelors degree in Cyber Security & Information Technology. His goals are now to work and attend a graduate program.


School Work

Course Description:
This course introduces the student to Web page design. Careful planning is emphasized as the key to a successful Web site. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is introduced and students will create, format, and refine Web pages to include text, images, hyperlink, lists, tables, frames, and forms using an HTML editor. Students are also introduced to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
Personal Reflection:
By doing this course I was able to learn HTML structures by coding it from scratch and how CSS played a role along with HTML in  proving extensive looks to an HTML page. Although I had previous knowledge in HTML and CSS, this course taught me how to make pages using HTML and CSS using guidelines that are supported by W3C.
Furthermore, it did refresh my knowledge on a lot of syntax and terms which I knew how to do but without proper understanding for example like the class and ID commands. Web Design really improves one’s imagination and creativity as you have to think in every step in order to create something that only you thought of.

Moreover you don’t really learn everything about web design in this course, this is the just the ladder to get you started by learning HTML and CSS from scratch. However, we do learn all the shortcodes used in CSS and HTML and every week we given a small tasks to show the instructor that we are able to get what we are being taught. Finally at the end we are given a project where we have to make a website from some given options, using all the knowledge we gathered throughout the course.

Sample Projects:
  • The Final Exam for this class is an individual Final Project where the students can plan, use, develop, analyze, and implement most of the web design tools they have learned throughout the semester. Using all those knowledge each student has to develop a responsive website that supports mobile view, it can on any topic as long as it covers all the requirements.
Course Description:
This comprehensive study of the five phases of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the System Analysis Toolkit shows the importance of communications, economic analysis, and project planning skills with current technologies across all phases of the SDLC. Students gain an in-depth understanding of how Information Systems support business requirements in today’s intensely competitive environment. Several real world projects are assigned to students on an individual basis and as a member of a systems development team, which allows students to apply their knowledge and skills to act as a System Analyst and develop an information system for problems that arise in typical business organizations.
Personal Reflection:
The course compares and contrasts the major systems development life cycles (SDLCs) commonly used in software systems development as well as the dominant development paradigms – the structured versus object oriented approaches. The presentation of the material focuses on the engineering pragmatics of getting a working system built, deployed and operational without attempting to promote one specific paradigm or technology over another.
The benefits and costs of the Agile approach versus the waterfall or an iterative SDLC, and the choice of the OO approach or the structured approach are presented. The goal is to teach students to make realistic cost-benefit analysis of these technologies in a real world environment. How the standard engineering development cycle is implemented in each of these SDLCs is traced from requirements to solution specification to design and planning to construction and project management. The issues of operational maintenance, change management and system retirement are also examined in each SDLC. The OO and structured paradigms are both ways of analyzing, thinking about and designing systems, and each has its own set of modelling methods, documentation styles, requirements representation and design approaches.
The underlying ideas of each of these are examined to provide students with both an ability to choose the approach that is most appropriate for new projects, and to understand how to work with modernization of legacy systems. However the bulk of the material presented is based on the object oriented paradigm and Agile processes. All of the theory presented is reinforced with examples, real world case studies, hands on exercises and projects.
Sample Projects:
  • Case Study : Researching and Analyzing an existing system to improve enhance it using wire shark.
  • Final Project : Work on a system of an existing company which can be even a theater or small business and propose them things that can be changed to improve their company security and systems.
Course Description:
This course introduces students to the various platforms in use on small and mobile devices. Platforms include Apple iPhone, Google Android OS, and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Students learn about the mobile application development cycle and learn to use different tools to create applications for each platform using specialized development environments. Students also develop web applications for mobile browsers and explore cross-platform development.
Personal Reflection:
For anyone who wants to learn to build mobile application, previous programming knowledge is a must although course has no prerequisite. Having the knowledge of c++ and java is really important as the context is very similar in terms of understanding what each syntax does.

In this course, I was introduced to Lua programming language which is used to make native android mobile applications. The concept of this programming language is similar to languages like c++, java, python but still it’s a lot different. We used online compiler to do most of the tasks (repl.it).

Furthermore, on this course I made multiple small applications from scratch using Lua which works in an android phone as well which was an awesome experience. The final project for that class was creating a small invoicing application or a game.

Sample Projects:
  • Create a mobile application : Either create a small software that does cashier job or invoicing, or a small game application which has to be coded only using Lua and exported as an .apk file making sure all the functionalities work that we have learned throughout the course.
Course Description:
This course is an introduction to offensive security topic with emphasis on ethical hacking. This class immerses students into an interactive environment to learn the tools and techniques to scan, test, hack, and secure their own systems. Students are exposed to current techniques used by attackers and learn defensive strategies using both Windows and Linux Systems. The learning environment gives students knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems. Students are taught how perimeter defenses work, how intruders escalate privileges and the steps to secure a system. Students also learn about Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, and Virus Creation.
Personal Reflection:
To take this course its better if one had taken ‘IT-477: Network and Computer Forensics’ as it’s really similar some of the tasks we need to do. We do most of the labs through vital-source lab environment where we have a virtual system and can do activities and tasks step by step. 

By taking this course, I have learned about DDos attacks, network scrambling, social engineering, brute force attacks etc. Moreover it teaches a person how to protect themselves in a really advanced way using different strategies. We use different set of tools to perform different activities such as network scanning, testing and hacking as well as securing the system vice versa.

We are also given a final project at the end where we prepare a research paper on a company by analyzing their security vulnerabilities. Then coming up with a solution to fix these issues with the all the knowledge we have gotten throughout the course.

Sample Projects:
  • Penetration Testing : Come up with an research paper for a company’s security vulnerability. Analyze the current problems and then come up with solutions and tools to use to minimize their problems and do a permanent solution.
Course Description:
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the overall investigative process of computer forensics as well as the tools and techniques used. Students are introduced to the steps necessary to detect intruders, discover damage, and identify the offending intruder. The documentation of an incident response plan will also be taught. This course provides students with the information and skills necessary to take the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (ACIS) certification exam.
Personal Reflection:
By taking this course, we able to learn the investigation process of a computer system involving crime. We use tools to scan networks, detect intrusion systems. Basically, we are taught how to identify if someone is trying to enter a network without permission and cause issues.

By learn this course we are able to know all the ins and out of network intrusions and all the legal activities related to hacking. Throughout the course we taught to use various tools that involves forensics investigation processes.

Furthermore, we used vitalsource lab environment to do all these activities in a secure environment so all of these did not affect a real running system. Lastly, we did a research paper related to forensics where a system was compromised.

Sample Projects:
  • Research Paper : It should be related to computer network and forensics where a company’s system was compromised and things they did to overcome the problems and come to a solution.


Career Development

Monroe College

IT Technician (09/19 – 11/19)

Location: New Rochelle, New York


  • Working with the IT department to assemble computers and setup a computer.
  • Observing and learning the methods of how the installations are pushed via Active Directory.
  • Solving class and office rooms issues, along with other IT technicians.
  • Learning how IT people operate in a professional and corporate environment.

Personal Reflection:

The internship position is a prerequisite to graduate and yet is giving me experience working for the IT office and seeing how the representatives communicate with customers and resolve each main job. I have an inclination that I am progressively certain now then before in light of the fact that I am getting hands on involvement and my equipment and programming learning has extended. I have an inclination that I do have an upper hand over different understudies that haven’t had entry level position experience since I am applying my abilities and what I have gain from my investigations and building up my IT aptitudes.

The advantages that I am getting from the entry level position that the homeroom can’t give is the hands-on involvement and working with experts. I needed to dismantle an entire PC and clean it of all residue in within and outside. At that point I needed to gather it back together and introduce/update the product in the PC. I gain proficiency with each piece of the PC during this assignment and it was fulfilling. This has upgraded my equipment learning and has spurred me to fabricate my very own PC.

The entry level position has assist me with expanding my correspondences abilities and this is on the grounds that we should impart through each undertaking and converse with customers. I am learning authority aptitudes while watching my director and how he executes and spreads the remaining burden. Likewise, the manner in which he converses with his representatives and a wide range of situations. I figure out how to assemble a PC which extended my equipment abilities. A one of a kind expert development experience that I can say I learn was figuring out how to be adaptable and assaulting each assignment as well as could be expected. I discover that everything won’t turn out as plan and you should be prepared to acclimate to a wide range of circumstance in an expert way obviously.

Work Experience

Recent Jobs

My World Cup App

Web Strategist (02/18 – 07/18)

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

• Built a landing page with creative User Interface Design.
• Optimized the contents of the web pages for a better User Experience.
• Analyzed keywords for better search indexing in terms of on and off page SEO.
• Monitored web analytics for accurate geolocation and potential customer statistics

VoidWorks, LLC

Founder (08/15 – 04/17)

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

• Co-founded VoidWorks, LLC which handled Project Management for small businesses.
• Created and developed responsive web design, building website using CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc.
• Deployed servers and managing it, such as VPS & cloud solutions based on Linux.

Noteware Digital Solutions

Remote Front-End Web Developer (01/13 – 12/16)

Location: San Diego, California

• Helped develop responsive websites using HTML5/CSS3 and bootstrap based.
• Built website using CMS such as WordPress, Asp.net, Drupal and other platforms.

University of Northern Iowa (IRTS)

Web Developer & IT (01/16 – 12/16)

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa.

• Assisted in maintaining College of Education web page.
• Solved programming issues and redesigning sites in Drupal, using Drupal code, CSS and PHP.
• Worked directly with College of Education faculty to solve problems with website functions.
• Collaborated with the Information Technology Specialist to help with the installation of hardware and software
• Assisted the team to assure proper operation of personal computers, peripheral equipment and network system.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC)

Web Developer (09/15 – 01/16)

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa.

• Managed and maintain their Drupal site, as well as building web pages for display screen.
• Helped develop websites for their company clients as well.

4Axiz, LLC

UI/UX Intern (09/15 – 12/15)

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa.

• Designed, developed and maintained a website for a startup company.
• Implemented SEO and other web tools for the engagement of more traffic to the website

Dot Internet, Ltd

Entry Level Developer & Server Administrator (02/12 – 10/15)

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

• Developed and maintained company official website along with other web applications.
• Assisted in developing and maintaining their torrent server, helpdesk and accounting software.
• Responsible for running streaming media server and updating contents regularly with the help of regular users.


Awards & Activities

Academic Achievement Award:
  • President’s List – 4.0 GPA in Fall 2017, Winter 2017, Spring 2018, and Fall 2018.
  • Dean’s List – 3.8 GPA in Winter 2018 and Spring 2019.
Community Service:
  • Monroe College – IT Club – President – 2018 Spring Semester (New Rochelle)


Android Development
Web Design


Monroe College

2017 – 2019
Bachelors in Cyber Security

University of Northern Iowa

2015 – 2016
Minor in Computer Science

Social Media